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Languages > Arabic > Keyboard Stickers > Keyboard Stickers (Black Opaque) for Arabic
Keyboard Stickers (Black Opaque) for Arabic

Keyboard Stickers (Black Opaque) for Arabic
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Keyboard Stickers (Opaque) for Arabic

US English & Arabic 101 Keyboard Labels - opaque so that they cover original writing on existing keyboard.

We also sell Arabic keyboards!

Product ID: 505168
Category: Keyboard Stickers
Supporting language: Arabic
Platforms/media types: Mac, Hardware/Misc.
Specifications: sticker size: .45" w X .52" h
(11.3mm X 13.2mm)
The Arabic keyboard stickers are opaque black stickers with white US English letters and green Arabic letters. The sticker set allows you to convert a PC desktop or laptop keyboard to a bilingual US English and Arabic keyboard layout.
The Arabic keyboard stickers are compatible with Windows keyboards in the following countries: Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, U.A.E., and Yemen. You don't need an Arabic keyboard to type Arabic in Windows. Install Arabic stickers on your keyboard to create a bilingual Arabic keyboard that works with Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP.
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