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Languages > Hebrew > Keyboard > Keyboard: English-Hebrew Wireless Connection
Keyboard: English-Hebrew Wireless Connection

Keyboard: English-Hebrew Wireless Connection
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No more guessing letter by letter. No more messy stickers that come off or fade. An inexpensive and elegant solution for entering occasional Hebrew words and phrases or typing full documents. The English-Heberw Keyboard is a high-quality standard English keyboard with the Hebrew alef-bet on the keys in addition to the English letters. The keyboard and mouse work wirelessly and can be used by any PC computer with a regular USB port. The keyboard is compatible with all English and Hebrew software.

The Keyboard features a black and color scheme with Internet function buttons. It features keycaps and both English and Hebrew letters.

The optical mouse features a matching color scheme, two buttons and a scroll wheel. This wireless bundle is an excellent choice for users who would like to add the freedom afforded by wireless interface to their computers and of course full Hebrew capabilities!

Product ID: 500300
Category: Keyboard
Supporting language: Hebrew
Platforms/media types: Handheld