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Languages > Punjabi > Children's Books > Grades K~2 > Keeping up WIth Cheetah in Punjabi / Panjabi & English (PB)
Keeping up WIth Cheetah in Punjabi / Panjabi & English (PB)

Keeping up WIth Cheetah in Punjabi / Panjabi & English (PB)
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Keeping up WIth Cheetah in Punjabi / Panjabi & English (PB)

PreSchool-Grade 2-Cheetah likes to tell jokes and Hippo likes laughing at them. They are very good friends. Cheetah also likes to run fast, and when Hippo can't keep up, he finds speedier companions. Hippo is at first miserable and determined to build up speed, but he realizes that he just isn't built for running. Meanwhile, Cheetah's new pals won't listen to his jokes, so back he comes to Hippo and the friendship is resumed. There are several morals that might be drawn about the nature of friendship and being true to oneself. Fortunately, Camp refrains from stating them and lets the story stand on its own. Newton's bright, splashy watercolors of stylized animals are more evocative than the text. There is a strong sense of movement in the elongated Cheetah and his running mates as they seem to flow across the page. A decorative frieze winds along the bottom of each picture reflecting, expanding, commenting on the action. The unique illustrations help make this a palatable, even enjoyable lesson. Karen James, Louisville Free Public Library, KY

Product ID: 504190     ISBN-10: 1846114411
Categories: Children's Books, Children's Books > Grades K~2, Classroom/Schools
Supporting language: Punjabi
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
Specifications: Paperback: 32 pages
Language: Punjabi
ISBN-10: 1846114411
ISBN-13: 978-1846114410
Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 8.7 x 0.3 inches
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