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Languages > Hindi > Software - Windows > Karmic Chaos - Hindu Pantheon, Legacy, Society & Beliefs

Karmic Chaos - Hindu Pantheon, Legacy, Society & Beliefs
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Karmic Chaos, an interactive multimedia CD-ROM title is a fascinating journey into the enigmatic Hindu Universe from its inception upto the modern day. With the click of a mouse you can enjoy an immersive experience of the Virtual 3D temple created entirely on the computer.

The info has been showcased into the four main modules :
Pantheon, Legacy ,Society, Beliefs.

Pantheon introduces you to the Hindu Gods & Goddesses from their genesis evolving from the folk gods to the supreme trinity.

Legacy celebrates the festivals and takes you through the holy piligrimage spots of the Hindu deities.

Society presents the different stages in the life of the Hindu that has evolved over space and time guided by the holy seers and reformers.

Beliefs guides you through the ideology and conviction that the Hindu must adhere to.

Product ID: 8285
Categories: Religious Studies, Software - Windows
Supporting language: Hindi
Platforms/media types: Windows, Windows 95/98, CD-Rom
Features :
  • Full screen live videos
  • Animated stories
  • Animations and special effects
  • Original music score
  • Audible Pronounciation System (APS) of all non-english words
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