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Karan Arjun (DVD)

Karan Arjun (DVD)
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Durga's (Rakhee) sons, Karan (Salman Khan) and Arjun (Shahrukh Khan) are murdered by Dhurjan Singh (Amrish Puri) When Durga pleas to bring back Karan and Arjun back to life are heard by the goddess Kali the two brothers are reborn in different families. Karan as Ajay grows up to be a boxer & goes to work for Saxena (ranjeet), Dhurjan Singh's partner in crime. Arjun as Vijay grows up to work with horses and falls in love with Sonia (Kajol) Saxena's daughter and Dhurjan Singh's soon to be daughter in law. By divine intervention Ajay and Vijay soon realise that they are Karan And Arjun and return to their mother Durga in 'Malakhera' to take revenge on Dhurjan Singh. Will Karn and Arjun succeed this time?

Product ID: 43523
Categories: Movies/Videos, Movies/Videos > Drama
Supporting language: Hindi
Platforms/media types: DVD