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Languages > Cantonese (Chinese) > Kaleidoscope All 5 Levels - Save $300! - Interdiate/Advanced Spoken Cantonese - Audio Cassette

Kaleidoscope All 5 Levels - Save $300! - Interdiate/Advanced Spoken Cantonese - Audio Cassette
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This is an intermediate course and advanced program of study in spoken Cantonese based on the Cantonese television series Kaleidoscope. The goal of this course is to enable learners to dramatically increase their oral and aural language skills through an interactive and comprehensive program utilizing video, audio, and printed materials. Because this series is based on authentic materials, it leads the learner to develop an understanding of daily communication in Cantonese. The Kaleidoscope series consists of interdependent video, audio, and text materials. The video program consists of 12 twenty-five minute episodes that provide the context for each unit. The audio tapes contain explanations, pronunciation practice, drills, cues, exercises with answers, and vocabulary items. The textbook accompany the audio and video materials, and a separate guidebook is provided for those taking the course without benefit on an instructor or tutor. The following levels are available:

Product ID: 109254
Categories: Learn, Learn, Learn > Advanced, Learn > Intermediate
Supporting language: Cantonese (Chinese)
Platforms/media types: Audio Cassette, Printed Matter, VHS Video Tape
Specifications: Author(s): Matthew Christensen and Roxana Fung with Xiaobin Jian and King Szeto Level One: Spoken Cantonese: Context and Performance Textbooks, 19 audio cassettes, 1 video Level Two: Spoken Cantonese: Performance and Acquisition Textbooks, 12 audio cassettes, 1 video Level Three: Spoken Cantonese: Acquisitions & Presentation Textbooks, 11 audio cassettes , 1 video Level Four: Spoken Cantonese: Presentation and Textbooks, 9 audio cassettes, 4 videos Level Five: Spoken Cantonese Recap Textbooks, 4 audio cassettes, 4 videos