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Julian Samuel Trilogy
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This is an intelligent, three-part documentary about frontiers in intellectual history, including the Orient and the Middle East. The first volume, The Raft of the Medusa: Five Voices on Colonies, Nations and Histories (99 mins.), focuses on issues of emergent nationalism in Asia, with particular attention to the unique cases of Hong Kong and mainland China, Eastern Modernism and Islamic Fundamentalism. In the second installment, Into the European Mirror (56 mins.), Julian Samuel explores the concept of frontiers, both real and imaginary. Highlights include Columbus' voyage of 1492 and the Palestinian/ Israeli question of today. Issues of "euronationalism" are examined by experts in this thought-provoking video. In the final segment, City of the Dead and The World Exhibitions (76 mins.), Samuel takes an in-depth look at modern Islamic culture, including the rise of fundamentalism and the role architecture plays in keeping the sexes separate. Also explored in this video are the way turn-of-the-century World Exhibitions created an international perception of Asia and Asian culture, and the effects of terrorism in modern Egypt. English and French with English

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