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Languages > Hindi > Movies/Videos > Comedy > Joru ka Ghulam
Joru ka Ghulam

Joru ka Ghulam
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Dhaneshwar Pitamber (Kadar Khan) is a billionare, with four daughters. All of them are not ready to get married , with each one having her own reason for not doing so. The daughters play mischevious tricks and the leader of them is the youngest daughter (Twinkle Khanna) Their father is so eager to get them married that he is ready to give a dowry of crores to each son in law. Raja (Govinda) and Kanhaia (Jhonny Lever) are small time crooks at the airport. Mama (Ashok Saraf) is an expert in the art of robbing people.

Raju Patel (Ali Asgar) is an NRI from America who comes to India to get married o one of the daughters of Dhaneshwar. Raja and Kanhaiya loot Raju Patel at the airport and comes out with his belongings. Raju comes to know Dhaneshwar's problems and plans to earn easy money by getting married to Durga. When Mama suggests to Dhaneshwar that Raja and Durga could get married Dhaneshwar lays down the condition that the rest of his daughters should get married too. In order to get five crores Kanhaiya and mama solve the problems of the daughters and are soon to get married . How Raja solves the daughter's problems forms the crux of the story. Ashish Vidyarti as a Don obsessed with the idea of becoming a villan in films plays a key character in the whole story.

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