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Languages > Japanese > Learn > Japanese for Young People I - Kana Workbook
Japanese for Young People I - Kana Workbook

Japanese for Young People I - Kana Workbook
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This Kana Workbook is a fully integrated component of the Japanese for Young People series for young learners who want to learn the two native phonetic scripts, hiragana and katakana. This workbook offers a unique and proven approach to writing accurate and well-formed kana. The pronunciation and configuration of the kana are taught in tandem, based on a solid foundation of writing drills and an optional audio cassette that is part of Japanese for Young People I: Cassette Tapes.

This fully-illustrated workbook uses a combination of traditional writing and reading drills and an entertaining selection of puzzles such as crosswords and wordsearches to facilitate user-friendly study for learners encountering a foreign script for the first time.

Product ID: 102689     ISBN-10: 4770021801
Category: Learn
Supporting language: Japanese
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter