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Languages > Japanese > Learn > Japanese for Young English Speakers Vol.1 (Textbook)
Japanese for Young English Speakers Vol.1 (Textbook)

Japanese for Young English Speakers Vol.1 (Textbook)
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Volume - 1 of the Textbook is designed to cover the first year. It contains thirty lessons, each planned to take a week of classroom time.

Each lesson identifies its objectives, explains the background situation to be studied, presents a sample conversation, and includes language and cultural notes, vocabulary, and numerous activities for practice and exercises. Every third lesson provides a thorough review and application of the preceding lessons.

The authors expect that three fourths of class time will be spent on the activities, practice, and exercises, which include games, role-playing and word puzzles.

Volume I uses a romanized system (roomaji) and also offers Kana/Kanji practices beginning with Lesson 3. Kana/Kanji Track Supplementary Materials are available for a more intensive approach to the authentic written language from the very beginning.

The Workbook provides extensive written exercises for the students. The Teachers Manual offers detailed information and strategies both for teachers who are non-native speakers of Japanese and also for those who are accustomed to different teaching methods.

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