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Languages > Arabic > Children's Books > Baby~K > Is Your Mama a Llama in Arabic (Arabic only)
Is Your Mama a Llama in Arabic (Arabic only)

Is Your Mama a Llama in Arabic (Arabic only)
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"Is your mama a llama?" Lloyd, the baby llama, asks his creature friends, including Dave, the bat; Fred, the duckling; Jane, the calf; and Clyde, the seal, among others. Each question Lloyd asks forms one half of an elegant rhymed couplet that is completed by the answer each creature friend gives: "'Is your mama a llama?' I asked my friend Clyde. ''No, she is not,' is how Clyde replied." Each animal then responds in a similar, playfully rhymed way to hint at what his mother is: "She's got flippers and whiskers and eats fish all day . . . I do not think llamas act quite in that way." Provided with a bit of information, Lloyd must guess at the answer: "'Oh,' I said. 'I'm beginning to feel that your mama must really be a . . . Seal!'" Before long, readers will join Lloyd in the fun of guessing just what each animal's mother is. The fact that the answers don't come until several pages after the question heightens the excitement of each animal encounter. At the book's heartwarming conclusion, Lloyd questions Llyn, a member of his own herd of llamas who leads him to his own mama.

Product ID: 504662     ISBN-13: 9780439864015
Categories: Children's Books, Children's Books > Baby~K
Supporting language: Arabic
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
Specifications: Interest Level: Pre-K-1 Age: 2-7
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