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Languages > French > IrisPen Translator English - French Module

IrisPen Translator English - French Module
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  • Scan a complete sentence of one or several lines of text, by "highlighting" the text you are interested in for translation.
  • Press the green pen button.
  • The text is automatically recognised by the ICR and placed at the cursor position in your Windows application, as if it were typed via the keyboard.
  • The audio system of your multimedia PC pronounces the text in English or in French.
  • The translated text appears on the screen in a separate window.
  • Now you can: -paste the translation in your application; -make the system repeat the text to improve comprehension and pronunciation; -edit the original or translated text; -you can also translate any text coming from the Clipboard!

    Product ID: 1330
    Categories: OCR, Software - Windows, Translation
    Supporting language: French
    Platforms/media types: Windows, Windows 95/98, Windows NT
  • 486 based PC with 16 MB RAM or higher
  • CD drive
  • Windows 95
  • Parallel port
  • For speech synthesis: your PC must be equipped with a Windows compatible sound card

  • Features

  • Helps master a new language step by step
  • Helps enter printed text in a foreign language
  • Helps translate printed text or existing files in a foreign language
  • Helps understand the meaning of a foreign language text
  • Helps improve the pronunciation of a foreign language
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