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Languages > Assyrian > Learn > Grammar > Introductory Assyrian Grammar (PB)
Introductory Assyrian Grammar (PB)

Introductory Assyrian Grammar (PB)
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A passport to an important language of the ancient world, this grammar presents an introduction to Assyrian, a linguistic relative of Hebrew that derives from the northern group of Semitic languages. The Assyro-Babylonian language emerged as long ago as 3000 b.c., and it remained in use until the first century before the Christian era, after which it disappeared until the nineteenth century. A wealth of archeological work since then has uncovered thousands of examples of the language, inscribed in stone and clay, from the buried cities of the Tigris-Euphrates valley. With the concise treatment offered by this work, students of archeology, anthropology, and world history can begin their study of the language's complexities. Both simple and well supplied with exercises, the text divides grammar and syntax into chapter-by-chapter lessons. Students who work through each chapter with care and diligence will have no trouble following the succeeding reading exercises. Unabridged republication of Assyrian Grammar with Chrestomathy and Glossary, Frederick Ungar Publishing Co., New York, 1961. Glossary. Sign List.

Product ID: 108587     ISBN-13: 9780486428154     ISBN-10: 048642815X
Categories: Learn, Learn > Grammar
Supporting language: Assyrian
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
128 pages
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