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Languages > Sign Language > Learn > Interax Video Sign Language Course - DVD's
Interax Video Sign Language Course - DVD's

Interax Video Sign Language Course - DVD's
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Learning American Sign Language is easier than you ever imagined. Using the Interax Video Sign Language Course you can develop signing skills at your own pace and convenience. By watching the DVDs just a few minutes a day, you'll be amazed how many signs you learn and how easy they are to remember. Unlike sign language books, video shows the motion, speed, direction, and important facial expressions of each sign. The instructor clearly illustrates and immediately repeats each sign allowing you an opportunity to perform the sign. The English equivalent of the sign being demonstrated is provided on the screen, allowing the hearing impaired to use the course without a caption decoder. Designed to fit your schedule, the 6.5 hour video course is divided into 57 subject related lessons on 6 DVDs. A Quick Quiz at the end of each lesson lets you check your sign language comprehension, giving you confidence to move forward. Upon completion of the course you will have learned more than 1200 signs of American Sign Language (ASL), giving you the ability to communicate effectively with the deaf.

Product ID: 109587
Category: Learn
Supporting language: Sign Language
Platforms/media types: DVD
Specifications: * 6 - DVD Volumes * 1 - Student's Study Guide . VHS also available
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