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Product Types > Learn > Intensive - Fula (Fulani, Peul, Poular, Toucouleur, Fulfulde)

Intensive - Fula (Fulani, Peul, Poular, Toucouleur, Fulfulde)
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Produced by the Foreign Service Institute.
Fula - also known as Fulani, Peul, Poular, Toucouleur, and Fulfulde - is the language of the Fulbe, cattle raising and farming people of Nigeria, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Cameroon, and Niger. The Fula Basic Course consists of forty numbered units, three review units, and a glossary. Each unit includes a dialogue or other basic sentences and variation drills on basic sentences including certain vocabulary. In addition many units also contain grammar notes, drills on the grammar notes, narratives, and questions and topics for discussion. 16 cassettes and text.

Product ID: 2722
Category: Learn
Supporting languages: Fulani-Adamawa, Fulfude, Peul, Poular, Toucouleur
Platforms/media types: Audio Cassette
Specifications: Audio Cassette Player