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Languages > Shona > Learn > Intensive - FSI Shona (Book + Audio CDs)
Intensive - FSI Shona (Book + Audio CDs)

Intensive - FSI Shona (Book + Audio CDs)
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Shona is one of the two principal languages of Zimbabwe, and extends also into adjacent areas of Mozambique. It consists of a number of dialects, but a standardized form of the language, based on the Zezuru, Manyika, and Korekore dialects, is generally used in printed materials. These dialects differ from on another in pronunciation (including tones) and in respect to the underlying grammatical system. One feature of this book is the attempt to represent simultaneously in the transcription several different pronunciations, in tone as well as in vowels and consonants.

This volume is intented to give the learner a start in Shona, providing you with dialogs that relate to some of the situations in which he or she is likely to use the language, as well as with systematic practice on all major points of grammar.

U.S. State Department Foreign Service Institute Basic Course in Shona. 10 CDs or 10 audio cassettes (8 hrs.), 519-p. text.

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