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Languages > Portuguese > Intensive - FSI Portuguese Level 1 (15 Audio CDs)
Intensive - FSI Portuguese Level 1 (15 Audio CDs)

Intensive - FSI Portuguese Level 1 (15 Audio CDs)
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This course is based on educated speech drawn principally from Brazilian sources but is designed to also serve the needs of students who are travelling to Europe and Africa. The guidance of an instructor can help with making such adaptations as are necessary for Contintental or African Portuguese as well as regional variations in Brazil. But the course is designed so that it can be learned through self-instruction along with the recordings, so an instructor, tutor, or native speaker is not strictly necessary, though it is of course always beneficial to have one. This course is divided into two volumes. Level 1 concentrates on speech and grammar and contains units 1 through 25 in transcription, and comes with 15 cassettes or CDs and two books; Level 2 focuses on more advanced grammatical features, irregular verbs, expansion of vocabulary, and the development of reading comprehension, and contains units 26-48 in transcription, and comes with 22 cassettes and a book.

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