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Languages > Hebrew > Intensive FSI Hebrew [Modern] (Book and Audio CDs)
Intensive FSI Hebrew [Modern] (Book and Audio CDs)

Intensive FSI Hebrew [Modern] (Book and Audio CDs)
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Designed to teach modern Hebrew speaking and reading; not intended as a text for the study of the Old Testament or other ancient Hebrew literature.

The course starts by training you in the sounds and pronunciation of Hebrew. From the start the Hebrew spelling is placed alongside written transcriptions designedd to help you listen. In later lessons instruction incorporates guided imitation, repetition, memorization, pattern and response drills, and conversation. Throughout the course emphasis is on unaccented, conversational spoken Hebrew, though reading and writing skills are acquired as study progresses. The text includes a 15-page glossary and a section on the Hebrew alphabet. 25 CDs or 24 audio cassettes (24 hrs.), 552-p. text.

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Supporting language: Hebrew
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter, Audio CD