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Languages > Chinese > Learn > Intensive FSI Chinese Module 1 - Orientation
Intensive FSI Chinese Module 1 - Orientation

Intensive FSI Chinese Module 1 - Orientation
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The focus of this course is on understanding in practical situations, and teaches Mandarin Chinese, the official dialect of the People’s Republic of China. The material is organized into modules that deal with concrete situations or language topics; you select the modules that you want to study in the order that you prefer. This course is designed to give you a practical command of spoken Standard Chinese (Mandarin). Although Standard Chinese is one language, there are differences betveen the particular form it takes in Beijing and the form it takes in the rest of the country (there are also, of course, significant nonlinguistic differences between regions of the country). Reflecting these regional differences, the settings for most conversations are Beijing and Taipei.

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Category: Learn
Supporting language: Chinese
Platforms/media types: Audio Cassette
Specifications: Audio Cassette Player
Description of the other modules (sold separately):
  • Orientation (9 cassettes) Talking about who you are and where you are from.
  • Biographic Information (22 cassettes) Talking about your background, family, studies, and occupation and about your visit to China.
  • Money (17 cassettes) Making purchases and changing money.
  • Directions (15 cassettes) Asking directions in a city or in a building.
  • Transportation (22 cassettes) Taking buses, taxis, trains, and planes, including finding out schedule information, buying tickets, and making reservations.
  • Arranging a Meeting (22 cassettes) Arranging a business meeting or a social get-together, changing the time of an appointment, and declining an invitation.
  • Society (10 cassettes) Talking about families, relationships between people, cultural roles in traditional society, and cultural trends in modern society.
  • Travelling In China (10 cassettes) Making travel arrangements and visiting a kindergarten, the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs, a commune, and a factory.
  • Life In China (11 cassettes) Talking about daily life in Beijing street committees, leisure activities, traffic and transportation, buying and rationing, housing.

    Each Core module consists of tapes, a student textbook, and a workbook, and has from four to eight units.