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Languages > Cambodian (Khmer) > Intensive FSI Cambodian (Khmer) Basic Course (450 p. 19 cass.)
Intensive FSI Cambodian (Khmer) Basic Course (450 p. 19 cass.)

Intensive FSI Cambodian (Khmer) Basic Course (450 p. 19 cass.)
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FSI Basic Cambodian Course
Produced by the Foreign Service Institute. This course examines two different Cambodian dialects: Standard Cambodian and the Phnom Penh dialect. Standard Cambodian is the approved speech for public education and mass communications. Of all the Cambodian dialects, it corresponds most closely to the writing system. The Phnom Penh dialect is spoken in the country's capital city. It differs sharply from the Standard Cambodian in pronunciation but is similar in other aspects. Being familiar with both styles of speech will enable students to speak and understand the language better. This course contains 90 units, arranged in groups of five under a common theme. The first four units of each group are based on dialogues and the fifth unit is based on a narration. The text for units 1-20 is entirely in standard Cambodian. Starting with unit 21, the dialogues are in the Phnom Penh dialect, and the narration is in Standard Cambodian. Each of the 90 units includes: dialogues, drills and vocabulary sections.

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Supporting languages: Cambodian (Khmer), Khmer (Cambodian)
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Foreign Service Institute courses were designed for diplomats and all serious language learners. If you need to learn a language thoroughly and quickly, nothing beats these courses. Unlike the audio-only Pimsleur courses, each FSI course comes with a complete textbook that teaches either transliterated (romanized) or traditional written language. Unlike the bare bones government-supplied courses, our courses are packaged in convenient binders to protect the tapes from loss or damage.

Most FSI courses use the Programmatic or Basic methodologies which teach the student all the skills necessary to build a strong language foundation. The student sets the pace of the learning process and new material is presented in "frames", one idea at a time. FSI Basic courses also present all essential grammar of a spoken language, samples of speech, explanations of basic language structure, and a variety of practical exercises. Students will be able to converse easily with native speakers and understand native texts upon completion of the course.

Each FSI course comes packaged with cassettes in a binder and a printed textbook with the dialogs from the cassettes and extra activities.

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