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Languages > Chinese > Instant Immersion Chinese (Mandarin) Audio Deluxe - 10 Discs
Instant Immersion Chinese (Mandarin) Audio Deluxe - 10 Discs

Instant Immersion Chinese (Mandarin) Audio Deluxe - 10 Discs
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1. Audio Instruction (8 Compact Discs)

Progressive instruction designed by university instructors to demonstrate fast results in spoken Chinese proficiency provides the foundation for effective Chinese language learning, from basic vocabulary to verb conjugation and beyond.

Audio lesson plan includes: CD 1: Pronunciation; Four tones, finals and initials CD 2: Common expressions; Greetings; Introductions CD 3: Numbers; Time, date CD 4: Weather; Families; Hobbies; Jobs CD 5: Making friends; Schooling; Banking CD 6: Making phone calls; Scheduling appointments CD 7: Shopping and bargaining; Dinning and Chinese food CD 8: Directions; Traffic; Traveling

2 Ways to Learn!

From Mianyang to Macau, now you can join the conversation with Instant Immersion Chinese Audio Deluxe, the dynamic language learning system comprising recorded audio instruction and printed lesson reinforcement

2. Audio Course Guide (CD-ROM)

The complete, printable transcript of your audio lessions on CD-ROM. Follow along on your monitor as you listen to your compact discs or brush up your skills between CDs, with the entire script of your curriculum content accessible in user-friendly Portable Document Format (PDF).

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