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Indonesian Learning

Indonesian Learning
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Discover another world through your PC! Indonesian Learner actively engages you, turning the learning process into an exciting journey. Simplify the complicated process of learning to speak, read, write, and understand Indonesian.

Culture Notes

Learn interesting, pertinent information about the culture you are studying. Highlights of a major city and its cultural activities and surroundings

  • Cultural etiquette
  • Shopping - where to find department stores, pharmacies, groceries, and more
  • Domestic travel notes - drive around the country or take public
  • transportation
  • Schools and educational systems
  • Regional and seasonal information about the climate and weather
  • Developing social trends

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    Indonesian Learning

    Indonesian Culture Note:

    "Saudara/ i' is used here as a form of address, to a person of the same level. It is also used, when talking to the same person, to mean 'you'. It can be used in formal and informal situations. "Anda" is used when you are not sure of the status of the person that you are addressing. It is particularly used when the status of the person being spoken to is indeterminate (ie., advertisements or addressing radio listeners, in formal situations between professionals). "Anda" is increasingly being used with the meaning of 'you' to replace "Saudara".

    'Pak' from 'bapak' (father) is used by a child to address his father or an older man, a student to his male teacher, or a subordinate to his superior. Similarly, 'Bu' from 'Ibu' (ma'am or mom) is used to address one's mother, teacher (female), or superior (female).

    Many Indonesians have only one name, e.g., Suharto, Prabowo, or Mashuri. In some regions, however, people do use family names, such as Mohammad Hatta, Abdul Haris Nasution, Johanes Leimena, and Mochtar Lubis.

    A married woman or lady is referred to as 'Ibu' . . . (her husband's name) e.g., Ibu Suharto or Ibu Mashuri. Sometimes her maiden name is used before her husband's name, e.g., Ibu Fatmawati Soekarno or Ibu Tien Suharto.

    In formal situations, an older person or a person of higher status will be addressed or referred to as 'Bapak ... (their family name)' or 'Ibu ...(family name). However in less formal situations the 'Bapak' or 'Ibu' is shortened to 'Pak' or 'Bu', and is followed by the other name or by an abbreviation of their name (eg., 'Bu Tien').

    Indonesians would not say "Pleased to meet you -- Saya senang sekali berkenalan dengan Anda". When introducing oneself, Indonesians use "Kenalkan", and shake hands, but not with a firm grip as most westerners do.

    "Mau ke mana?" is a form of greeting and does not necessarily need a reply as to where you are going. One can answer or politely smile.

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