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Languages > German > Movies/Videos > Documentary > Indoctrination (German DVD)
Indoctrination (German DVD)

Indoctrination (German DVD)
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From his work in the fiction mode, documentary, and installation, German filmmaker Harun Farocki has consistently explored ideas of language, ideology, perception, and contemporary audio-visual culture. In Indoctrination, Farocki records a five-day seminar designed to teach management executives how to better present themselves using basic rules of dialectics and rhetoric. Without use of titles, talking heads, narration, or other conventions of documentary, Farocki masterfully exposes how big business uses psychology and principles of rhetoric to sell ideas and products. In German with English subtitles.

Product ID: 107977
Categories: Learn, Movies/Videos, Movies/Videos > Documentary
Supporting language: German
Platforms/media types: DVD
1987 -- 44 mins.
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