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Indian Popular Cinema

Indian Popular Cinema
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Intended for general readers as well as students of Indian cinema, this book reviews nine decades of Indian cinema and examines its influence on people in India and the Asians in the Diaspora.

India produces more films than any other country but its popular cinema has remained peripheral to western cinema buffs. This book is the first to provide a historical and cultural survey of Indian cinema- popular, artistic and regional - and to introduce readers to its distinctive forms.

It explores the political, social, cultural and religious influences on Indian cinema, how it represents women, and the impact of women directors and British Asian film makers on recent Indian films.

"this unique publication, the first of its kind in the literature, co-authored by a social scientist and a film historian, provides a powerful critical analysis of the culture and history of the Indian film as an art form and popular medium." - T V Sathyamurthy, Emeritus Professor of Politics, University of York, England.

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