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Languages > English > Culture & Tradition > Indian Baby Names and their roots
Indian Baby Names and their roots

Indian Baby Names and their roots
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More than a mere list or dictionary of names, this book is a veritable storehouse of the philosophy, beliefs and cultural narration's which have resulted in thousands of Indian names.

This book does not belong to the usual category of routine dictionaries of names and their meanings, which are referred to just once or twice - when a child is born in a family - and then put aside, the purpose of choosing a name of the new arrival having been served.

This book is different. As a matter of fact, it is unexpectedly different. It is an exciting journey of exploring the uncommonly rich tapestry of Indian religious, cultural and social heritage, and marveling at the tacit, but nevertheless intimate, link between every single aspect of that heritage and Indian personal names.

This book, for the first time ever, is a modern, colorful path-finder to the history and form of India's traditions and their practice in day-to-day life, its cultural heritage, as well as to a brief understanding of its arts and natural bounty - all reflected through personal names.

These names have been selected on the basis of their suitability to modern life in terms of length, pronunciation and meaning. By providing interesting illustrations, the authors aim to go beyond the realms of a dry dictionary of names, and to create a collector's item which will be a cherished gift to any family living in India or away from home. The book is also sure to fascinate all those who have an interest in the exquisite culture of India.

Here, in a country which has experienced a continuous and strong civilization for over 5000 years, a name conveys a whole world of meaning which links the owner to his or her roots, religion, family heritage and national honor.

Indian history has been marked by the advent of wave upon wave of foreign invaders or settlers and thus the languages, the streams of thought and philosophical concepts, have all become repositories of collective wisdom and form valuable assets. The scriptures, mythology, the environment, human qualities and the grassroots value system, have all contributed to the reservoir of Indian names.

This volume is for those who wish to know their roots; for those who love the many-splendoured personality of India and for those who are proud of their heritage.

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Category: Culture & Tradition
Supporting language: English
Applicable country: India
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
Table of Contents
Sanskrit Pronunciation
Namakaran or Naming Ceremony
Our Roots
Vedic Gods, Their Consorts, and Goddesses
Brahma and Saraswati
Vishnu and Lakshmi
Shiva and Shakti
The Ramayan and The Mahabharat
The Purans (Mythology) and History
Music, Dance, Drama And Literature
Beautiful Assortment
Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Christianity
Our Heritage
Indian Names for Boys
Indian Names for Girls
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