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India - A Travel Guide

India - A Travel Guide
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India - A Travel Guide
Not merely a travel guide but an attempt to explain the diverse cultural ethos of Indian tourism in its true form to visitors.

This book will give the reader a peep into what India was in the ages bygone and what India is today. It also deals with all cultural aspects namely religions, music, dance, paintings and sculpture.

The book provides information on basic infrastructure facilities available in India on which tourism is based i.e. rail, road, air and water transportation. Other vital tourism factors like hotel accommodation, places of interest, museums and wildlife sanctuaries are also incorporated. Besides information on all the states and Union Territories and how to reach them has also been provided. This book is a present to the lovers of tourism.

Product ID: 44122     ISBN-10: 8124201714
Category: Travel
Supporting language: English
Applicable country: India
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter