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In Praise of Mother Santoshi
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In Praise of Mother Snatoshi (1975)
(Also known as "Jai Santoshi Maa" in Hindi)
Directed by - Vijay Sharma

Credited cast overview: Bharat Bhushan, Dilip Dutt, Anita Guha, Rajan Haksar, Kanan Kaushal, B.M. Vyas

Runtime: India:145
Language: Hindi (Color)

This B-movie became the surprise hit of the year when it caused the little-known mother goddess, Santoshi, to become one of the most popular icons among urban working-class women as they began to observe the goddess's ritual fast. Satyavati (Kanan Kaushal) asks the Goddess Santoshi (Anita Guha) to send her a husband and she gets romantic idler Biraj. He is ostracised by his family by naturally preferring love and poetry to work and is packed off to find his fortune in the world. Satyavati meanwhile is treated abominably by Biraj's sisters-in-law, who refuse her food and even refuse to give her an offering for Santoshi. The wives of the celestial trio Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva create a series of problems intended to test her devotion. In a genuinely moving musical interlude, Satyavati makes an impassioned appeal to Santoshi for help, while far away Biraj is being seduced by Geeta, who has far too much sugar in her diet. Santoshi comes to earth herself to sort out the problems of her dedicated disciple. Gods and Goddesses, excellent music, garish technicolor make this a wonderful spectacle and a perfect example of mid-seventies Hindi movie-making. Hindi with English subtitles.

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