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Languages > Chinese > IQChinese Quiz Version 2.0 for Windows
IQChinese Quiz Version 2.0 for Windows

IQChinese Quiz Version 2.0 for Windows
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IQChinese Quiz is the perfect tool for assessing the Chinese language studentˇ¦s progress or level of language ability. IQChinese Quiz is also ideal for students of all ages in pinpointing specific learning problems. Choose test questions from the built-in ˇ§Speak Mandarin in Five Hundred Wordsˇ¨ question database or create your own customized test/learning tool by copying, pasting, and inserting your favorite reading subject matter: news, magazine articles, novels, etc. As long as the Chinese characters are copied from a digital source, they can be inserted into the IQChinese Quiz program. IQChinese Quiz provides a detailed printable Summary Report so teacher and student can track typing accuracy and typing speed results as well as specific characters missed. IQChinese Quiz also has icons that pop up to encourage or praise student

Product ID: 110245
Categories: Classroom/Schools, Classroom/Teaching Materials, Learn
Supporting language: Chinese
Platforms/media types: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
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