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Languages > Hebrew > Movies/Videos > I Am A Jerusalemite (DVD)
I Am A Jerusalemite (DVD)

I Am A Jerusalemite (DVD)
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This is the musical record of Gaon’s discovery of his own city. For the first time he could visit the tiny, dirt floored home of his grandfather, pray at the holiest existing landmark for the Jewish people, the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, or shop at the picturesque markets of the Old City.

Joyful upon this historic occasion, Gaon performs 8 of his hit songs about the city—in this dream of a film that celebrates the city of everyone’s dreams, Jerusalem. (Ani Yerushalmi, Israel 1971, Musical documentary.)

Product ID: 502137
Categories: Movies/Videos, Movies/Videos > Documentary, Movies/Videos > Music
Supporting languages: English, Hebrew
Platforms/media types: DVD
  • 90 mins
  • Hebrew or English with English Subtitles
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