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Languages > Persian (Farsi) > Learn > Beginners > How to Speak, Read & Write Persian (Book & Cassettes)
How to Speak, Read & Write Persian (Book & Cassettes)

How to Speak, Read & Write Persian (Book & Cassettes)
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HOW TO SPEAK, READ & WRITE PERSIAN (FARSI) is a practical, quick and convenient method to learning the language of ninety million people. Whether one is planning to visit Iran, Afghanistan or Tajikestan, has friends who speak the language or is interested in the Persian language’s rich literature, this book will help you. The course is divided into twenty simple, clear and concise lessons, which include all aspects of the spoken and written language. Grammar, pronunciation, spelling and helpful phrases are covered.

How to Speak, Read & Write Persian can be used effectively as a self-teacher or as a textbook. An answer key is included in the back for those learning independently.


  • 2,600 word Persian-English dictionary.
  • 3 ninety-minute audio-cassettes for pronunciation read by native speakers.
  • No prior knowledge of Persian is necessary.

    Product ID: 106204     ISBN-10: 0936347058
    Categories: Dictionary, Learn, Learn > Beginners
    Supporting languages: English, Persian (Farsi)
    Platforms/media types: Audio Cassette, Printed Matter
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