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Languages > Hindi > Learn > Children's > Hindi Kids - Chalo Hindi Bolay "Learn Hindi the Fun Way"
Hindi Kids - Chalo Hindi Bolay

Hindi Kids - Chalo Hindi Bolay "Learn Hindi the Fun Way"
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Music, Photos and Videos that is an original and unique approach to entertaining, educating young children of all nationalities. The thirty minute show on DVD is entertaining throughout, so it will hold a young mind's attention.

Chalo Hindi Bolay sings and dances its way through teaching children Hindi and culture. It is broken down in a series of songs, games, story times and travel segments.. The show can be shown with English subtitles.

Song Titles:

  • Chalo Hindi Chalo Hindi Bolay
  • Rang Barangay Gubaray
  • Sirr Kandhay Guthnay Paar
  • Ek - Do - Theen - Char - Panch
  • Das - No - Aath - Sath - Chay
  • Aawo Hum Sab Twist Karay
  • Ka-Kha-Ga-Gha

    Nursery Rhymes:

  • Itsy Bitsy Makri
  • Chamkay Chamkay Chota Tara
  • Chu Chu Karti Aie Chiriya
  • Chanda Mama Dor Say

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    Supporting language: Hindi
    Platforms/media types: DVD
    30 min.
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