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Languages > Hebrew > Movies/Videos > Comedy > Hill "Halfon" Doesn't Answer

Hill "Halfon" Doesn't Answer
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A Wild comedy about three reservits in the Israeli army committed to serve but unable to stay out of trouble, Hill "Halfon" is military life as we've never seen it. Set in the Sinai on the border of Israel and Egypt, this riotous tale fo mischief and mishaps features Israel's top comic trio Hagashash (Poli, Shaika and Gavri), Tuvia Tzafir and many other acclaimed Israeli comedy stars.

On his way to propose marriage to be his beloved, Yaeli, Gingi (Gavri) is sent on a mission to bring back Sergio (Poli), a fellow reservist gone AWOL. Unbeknownst to Gingi, Yaeli has left home because her father Victor(Shaika) is opposed to their marriage - and she is hiding in his jeep. Adding to the insanity, Victor also has unfinished business with Sergio, and he joins the hunt when he hears about the missing soldier. Thus a routine mission roller coasters into a hilarious adventure and officers going mad, soldiers being captured, Egyptians sprinting to the border, and the discovery of an oil well are all part of the comic festivities.

In Hebrew with English or Hebrew Subtitles.

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