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Hidden Half, The (DVD)

Hidden Half, The (DVD)
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This controversial film from Tahmineh Milani (Two Women, The Legend of a Sigh), and some of the director's outspoken remarks, led to her arrest by Iran's Revolutionary Court (she was later released). Fundamentalists objected to the sympathetic portrayal of those who fought against the Islamic Revolution in this story of a woman remembering her affair with a married man in the aftermath of the overthrow of the Shah. This past romance is revealed through a letter to her husband, a judge who will be hearing the case of a woman facing execution. "...a very serious drama about post-revolutionary Iranian politics, which is far more complex than we've been led to believe by substandard U.S. reporting" (David Ehrenstein, New Times Los Angeles). In Farsi with English subtitles.

Product ID: 106233
Category: Movies/Videos
Supporting language: Farsi (Persian)
Platforms/media types: DVD
103 mins. 2001
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