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Hebrew - Touch Typing Now

Hebrew - Touch Typing Now
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Touch Typing Now! is a technological BREAKTHROUGH in the world of touch typing.
Touch Typing Now! is the only touch typing software you will ever need. Using the latest multimedia technology and breakthrough touch typing teaching lessons in English or in Hebrew for English and/or Hebrew keyboard proficiency, This one program does it all!

Quick Easy Learning... Learn to touch type within just 10 hours! This course will offer you 19 lessons, starting with just two keys and building from there.

Interactive Video Teaching... The on-screen interactive teacher will guide your progress from the beginning, giving easy to follow instructions, valuable information and tips on what might be causing mistakes, and how to correct them.

3-D On-Screen Keyboard... On-screen keyboard and animated shadow hands will train you to concentrate on the screen from the beginning without the need to look at your own keyboard. As you watch the screen, the keyboard will react in real-time to every action you perform on your own keyboard. You also have the choice of normal, ergonomic or childrens on-screen keyboard.

Skill Tests... After every lesson evaluate your new typing skills with a choice of five different tests, including speed, accuracy and dictation tests.

Typing games... Take a break from the formal lessons and improve your typing by playing any of the three exciting games, designed to practice and stretch your new skills.

Online Practice via the Internet... Practice your touch typing through the Internet while you chat with fellow typing students all over the world.

Product ID: 104231
Categories: Learn, Typing, Word Processing
Supporting language: Hebrew
Platforms/media types: Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows XP, CD-Rom, Windows 2000, Windows ME
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