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Hebrew Graphic Fonts

Hebrew Graphic Fonts
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If you work in any of the leading graphic programs such as; Quark - Correl - Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator even Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint you will need these fonts to add Hebrew and type from "right to Left". Until now you either had to buy the expensive Hebrew Version of these programs or learn to type Hebrew Backwards... Anyone who ever tried that, knows what a hassle that is! So forget about those days and forget about buying expensive Hebrew versions... Now if you want Hebrew all you need is to install these True Type Fonts and you are "off an away" typing Hebrew like a normal person! The CD even comes with Fonts which support Nikud (Vowels). This is a must have CD for any Hebrew Day School or graphic artist who uses Hebrew. It is also great for home use - making Hebrew Banners in programs like Print Shop etc...

Product ID: 500302
Category: Fonts
Supporting language: Hebrew
Platforms/media types: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista