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Languages > Latin > Learn > Intermediate > Harper Collins Latin - Wheelock's Latin
Harper Collins Latin - Wheelock's Latin

Harper Collins Latin - Wheelock's Latin
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  • Classic Introductory Latin Course based on Ancient Authors

    The sixth edition of Wheelock's Latin has all the features that have made it the bestselling single-volume beginning Latin textbook, many of them revised and expanded:

  • 40 chapters with grammatical explanations and readings based on ancient Roman authors

  • Self-tutorial exercises with an answer key for independent study

  • An extensive English-Latin/Latin-English vocabulary

  • A rich selection of original Latin readings--unlike other textbooks, which contain primarily made-up Latin texts

  • Etymological aids

  • Also new to the sixth edition are maps of the Mediterranean, Italy, and the Aegean area, as well as numerous photographs illustrating aspoects of classical culture, mythology, and historical and literary figures presented in the chapter readings

    Product ID: 459361     ISBN-13: 9780060956417     ISBN-10: 0060956410
    Categories: Grammar, Learn, Learn > Intermediate
    Supporting language: Latin
    Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
    Specifications: Paperback - 505 pages.
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