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Hans Richter - Early Avant-Garde Films
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Richter on Film (1972, 14 mins.) is an interview with Hans Richter at age 83 in his Connecticut home, talking about his early experimental films and their relationship to his paintings, scrolls and collages. The pioneer work Rhythm 21 (Rhythmus 21, 1921-4) orchestrates the squares and rectangles of the film screen, while Rhythm 23 (Rhythmus 23, 1923, 3 mins., silent) features criss-cross patterns, negative reversals, intercut stringed forms and further variations of the rectangle and square. Film Study (Filmstudie, 1926, 4 mins.) integrates abstract images with their recognizable counterparts. Ghosts Before Breakfast (Vormittagespuk, 1927-8, 7 mins.) is Richter's witty, cinegenic mini-classic on the universal theme of the object's revolt and an excellent introduction to avant-garde film for all audiences. Inflation (Inflation, 1926-9) and Everything Turns, Everything Revolves (Alles Dreht Sich, Alles Bewegt Sich, 1926-9, 9 mins.) are two cinema essays reflecting life in pre-Nazi Germany, using inventive documentary and avant-garde techniques. Race Symphony (Rennsymphonie, 1928-9) is an excerpt from Richter's studyof a day at the races in pre-Nazi Germany. Two-Penny Magic (1928-9, 10 mins.) is an essay in rhyming images, made to advertise a picture magazine.

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