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Yash vardhan (Aditya pacholi) is an industrialist from the richest royal families of ragashan. On one business trip he saw a gypsy girl reshma (Kajol) who bring back memories long suppressed but not forgotten. Yash vardhan brings reshma alongwith her father (satyen kappu( to his place and asks diama (Aruna Irani) to look after them. Dia ma too is shocked to see reshma whether rani (kajol) come back? Or is alike? Yash vardhan aorder dia ma to bring grooming reshma in the mould of rani. Unaware of the truth, reshma enjoys the comforts and the luxury in the beginning . yash vardhan promised to make her a great singing and dancing star and also to get her ailing father the best medical treatment but soon, rehma realizes that she was suppose to take the place of. One day when yash vardhan takes her to the shooping, she sees a boy walking away with a guitar on his back. Reshma begins to follow the boy almost in a hypnotic prance. Yash Vardhan follows her. When touches the boys shoulder, the boy turns. It is raju (saif ali khan), a street singer and a aspiring film star.

Yash vardhan is shocked to see him, has raja come back too? Raja who was his best friend, raja whom rani loves, raja whom he killed for rani because he loves rani too. Will raju recognize reshma as rani? Will rani be able to convence raju that he is actually raja reborn and that she is rani reborn? Will yash vardhan succeed will raja and rani s love die again to live for ever or survive their destiny?

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Categories: Movies/Videos, Movies/Videos > Drama
Supporting language: Hindi
Platforms/media types: DVD