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Languages > Greek (Classical) > Learn > Greek Reading for Review (PB)
Greek Reading for Review (PB)

Greek Reading for Review (PB)
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Designed as a complement to the popular Kaegi's Greek Grammar, this volume is aimed at building fluidity and ease of translation through readings, exercises, guided review of grammar, and memorization of vocabulary. The reading lessons are keyed to review from Kaegi's Greek Grammar, and progress from what are essentially drills of single words in the first pages, to single sentences of increasing complexity. The lessons are supplemented halfway through by optional, connected-paragraph readings. English-to-Greek translation exercises are included after each reading lesson. A selection of more advanced readings from Ancient Greek authors rounds out the text. All readings have vocabulary, grammar, translation, and background help in footnotes, as well as a vocabulary of words frequently met in ancient Greek authors (and meant to be memorized), arranged in the back according to the individual lessons. Also included are a brief, helpful section, "Some Rules of Syntax," and two indices: a "List of Greek Words" and "List of English Words."

Product ID: 501459
Category: Learn
Supporting language: Greek (Classical)
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
  • Reading lessons of increasing difficulty and sophistication, all keyed to grammar review
  • Same-page footnotes provide aid in vocabulary, grammar, translation, and background
  • Vocabulary for memorization, arranged by lesson, in the back
  • English to Greek exercises drive home grammar review
  • Supplementary connected-paragraph readings
  • Brief, helpful "Some Rules of Syntax"
  • Two indices: "List of Greek Words" and "List of English Words"

  • Pages: vi + 194
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