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Languages > Russian > Movies/Videos > Glasnost Film Festival Vol. 12 - Are You Going to the Ball?

Glasnost Film Festival Vol. 12 - Are You Going to the Ball?
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Glasnost Film Festival Vol. 12: Are You Going to the Ball? and Tomorrow Is a Holiday. What is the price young athletes pay for their fleeting celebrity? Are You Going to the Ball? takes an unprecedented look at one of the Soviet Union's most sacred institutions: its world-famous women's gymnastic team. "It seems to me I gave up all my health for gymnastics," a former champion says in the film, "My entire body is in pain, and now my time is over." Directed by Nadezhda Khvorova, 1987, 28 mins. Tomorrow Is a Holiday looks at women whose job is to stuff live chickens into metal containers. The camera observes there is not much difference between the executioners and their victims. The workers' dorms are utilitarian lodgings, sort of containers for people. The women, enraged by their abnormal living conditions, "keep singing songs to avoid crying or swearing." Directed by Sergei Bosukovsky, 1987, 18 mins. Russian with English subtitles.

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