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Languages > Russian > Movies/Videos > Glasnost Film Festival Vol. 10 - The Trial II and Adonis XIV

Glasnost Film Festival Vol. 10 - The Trial II and Adonis XIV
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Glasnost Film Festival Vol. 10: The Trial II and Adonis XIV. The Trial dramatically chronicles the Stalinist trials of the 30's and 40's, and a court of conscience, putting the epoch of the Stalin personality cult itself on trial. The "Testament" by famed Bolshevik theoretician Nikolai Bukharin, who was executed by Stalin, is revealed here for the first time by his wife Anna. Directed by Igor Belyayev, 1988, 55 mins. Adonis XIV is a parable--a goat, its horns ornamented with little bells, leads a herd of sheep, cows and horses to the slaughterhouse. The symbolism was not lost on the censors, who banned the film for over nine years. One director said, "Everyone who sees this short story should look around and ask himself, 'Why did I survive?' " Directed by Bako Sadykov. 1977, 1988, 9 mins. Russian with English

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