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Girl Friends
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This first-ever theatrical anthology of lesbian short films is an "explosively funny, unstoppably entertaining" (NY Native) collection of four films by energetic, inventive American filmmmakers reflecting lesbian life close to home or in the realm of fantasy. Shorts include: Watching Her Sleep (Barbara Rose Michaels, 1995, 7 mins.); Little Women in Transit (Barbara Heller, 1995, 7 mins.); Playing the Part (Mitch McCabe, 1994, 38 mins.) and Carmelita Tropicana: Your Kunst Is Waffen (Ela Troyano, 1994, 28 mins.). "Girlfriends is a gas--an entertaining anthology brimming over with quirky observational humor, intriguing stylistic tricks and warm, engaging, three-dimensional characters you haven't seen before onscreen" (Matt Zoller Seitz, NY

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