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Free Cinema - English DVD

Free Cinema - English DVD
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Like Italian neorealism before and the French New Wave after, the British Free Cinema movement of the 1950s was dedicated to the belief that film should be a tool for personal expression, reflecting contemporary life, and inspiring social change. In other words, "Watch your back, bourgeois commercial cinema!" As compiled by the BFI, this collection brings together 16 short and feature films that presaged British social realism, reinvented "documentary," and represent the best of Free Cinema: O Dreamland (Lindsay Anderson, 1953, 12 mins.), Momma Don't Allow (Karel Reisz/Tony Richardson, 1956, 22 mins.), Together (Lorenza Mazzetti, 1956, 49 mins.), Wakefield Express (Anderson, 1952, 30 mins.), Nice Time (Claude Goretta/Alain Tanner, 1957, 17 mins.), The Singing Street (N. Mclsaac/J.T.R. Ritchie/R. Townsend, 1952, 30 mins.), Every Day Except Christmas (Anderson, 1957, 39 mins.), Refuge England (Robert Vas, 1959, 27 mins.), Enginemen (Michael Grigsby, 1959, 17 mins.), We Are the Lambeth Boys (Reisz, 1959, 49 mins.), Food for a Blush (Elizabeth Russell, 1959, 30 mins.), One Potato Two Potato (Leslie Daiken, 1957, 21 mins.), March to Aldermaston (1959, 33 mins.), The Vanishing Street (Vas, 1962, 19 mins.), Tomorrow's Saturday (Grigsby, 1962, 17 mins.), and Gala Day (John Irvin, 1963, 25 mins.).

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