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Languages > Dutch > Learn > Fast Track Dutch (5 Audio CDs with 344 page Text)

Fast Track Dutch (5 Audio CDs with 344 page Text)
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A streamlined introductory course designed for the business person or traveler who wishes to acquire a confident and versatile command of modern spoken Dutch in a variety of practical situations. Both the audio recordings and the accompanying text have been developed specifically for self-instruction. All dialogs, sentences, and expressions are tied to concrete everyday situations. There are no isolated words or expressions to be memorized. Topics covered include travel, dining, and business activities such as introducing oneself to colleagues, calling a meeting, credit card dealings, leaving telephone messages, etc. Grammatical explanations are minimal and given only when necessary for the understanding of a specific text passage.

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Category: Learn
Supporting language: Dutch
Platforms/media types: Printed Matter, Audio CD
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