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Farz (New)
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Sunny Deol is an honest police officer. He is alone and wose aim is to eliminate the disease of crime. Karan is in love with Kajal who is the daughter of his partner Om Puri. Arjun Singh has only two years left for his retirement so he wants to lead a risk free life. Om Puri is suffering frrom an acute fear because his earlier partner lost his life just two days before rtrmn.This fear has further accenuated by Arjun Singh's love for his family.

Arjun Singh is against his daughter's marriage to Karan as he is not very keen to see his daughter as a young widow. Karan always on the look out for challenges takes up the responsibility of bringing the dreaded under world don Gawa Firozi (Jackie Shroff) and his brother Sikander to book. In the process to Arjun Singh's dismay, Karan presents Kajal as an eye witness to nail Sikander for murder charges. Despite Arjun Singhs protests the head strong streak in Kajal makes her defy her father and chooses to depose against Sikander before the court of law. Sikander is arrested but Gawa Firozi wants his brother out. He plans for Sikandeer's escape but Karan foils the attempt and in the process Sikander is killed and Gawa is arrested. Karan is promoted to DCP. Can Gawa take revenge? Will Arjun Singh allow his daughter to marry Karan? Well, Raj Kanwar will answer your questions in Farz. (English Subtitles, 5.1 Dolby Sur)

Product ID: 43542
Categories: Movies/Videos, Movies/Videos > Drama
Supporting language: Hindi
Platforms/media types: DVD