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Languages > Japanese > Family Circus English/Japanese Live Action Music Video Level 1
Family Circus English/Japanese Live Action Music Video Level 1

Family Circus English/Japanese Live Action Music Video Level 1
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Family Circus, one of the most successful audio and video language programs ever introduced, teaches foreign languages to children through music and delightful bilingual lyrics. It's also perfect for ESL students! Kids will sing along with original music while they take a trip to the zoo, the beach, the forest or even a hot air balloon ride! It's an innovative method that appeals to all ages. Used in homes and classrooms around the world! Family Circus Award-Winning Programs Feature:

  • Outstanding audio and video production quality
  • Original music with easily memorized bilingual lyrics
  • Innovative, engaging format that appeals to kids of all ages
  • Ideal concepts for ESL studies and early language learning

    Family Circus Live Action Video available in two exciting series. Each program includes 35 minutes of live-action music video with bilingual lyrics subtitled on the screen. Bil Keane's famous Family Circus characters introduce each song. Series 1 features 11 songs. Series 2 (More! series) features 10 songs.

    Product ID: 31808     UPC: 011271007490     ISBN-10: 1560153105
    Categories: Classroom/Schools, Classroom/Teaching Materials, Games, Kids, Learn, Learn > Children's, Movies/Videos, Movies/Videos > Children's
    Supporting language: Japanese
    Platforms/media types: VHS Video Tape
    "The children love it! They ask me to play it again and again" Thomas L. Hooper
    Teacher, Lake Wales, Florida

    "I have reviewed other products in the same category, and yours stands out as an exceptional value." Meg Benett, PhD., Editor
    Meg Bennett's Alamac for Parents of Gifted Children

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