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Languages > English > Cooking/Eating > Exotic Tastes of Sri Lanka by Suharshini Seneviratne

Exotic Tastes of Sri Lanka by Suharshini Seneviratne
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The Breathtaking Island of Sri Lanka lies in the Indian Ocean and is separated from South eastern India by a mere 30 mile Chain of Shoals. This proximity of Indian has had an inevitable effect on Sri Lanka's cuisine, as did the successive Portuguse, Dutch, and British occupations. However, the centuries the majority of these dishes have been modified to suit the local palate.

As a nation of Multiple cultures and faiths, the predominant religious groups of the island have been instrumental in enriching and developing the cuisine; The Hindus and Buddhists perfected the vegetarian dishes; the christians refined the beef and pork recipes; and the muslims honed the mutton and lamb preparations. Since the entrees revolve around the nation's favorite ingredient, rice , the loosely coined term "rice and curry" best describes tehe Sri Lankan Cuisine. The spiciness of a dish is easily controlled by the amount of Chili used. Other staple ingredients include coconut (millk, oil or grated), as well as aromatic herbs and spice such as curry leaves, mint, coriander and fennel seeds and cloves.

Sample menus, explanations of spice uses and availability, typical cooking techniques, and descriptions of traditional utensils complement the 150 recipes, all adapated for home cooks.

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