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Languages > Polish > Dictionary > English to and from Polish Kosciuszko Foundation Dictionary (Book & CD-ROM)
English to and from Polish Kosciuszko Foundation Dictionary (Book & CD-ROM)

English to and from Polish Kosciuszko Foundation Dictionary (Book & CD-ROM)
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The New Kosciuszko Foundation Dictionary has been compiled by a team of lexicographers at Poznan's Adam Mickiewicz University. The editor-in-chief of the 20-strong team is Professor Jacek Fisiak, founder of the Poznan school of English Studies, a teacher of many generations of English scholars, editor of international linguistic and philological journals, author and editor of over 150 publications, including six English-Polish and Polish-English dictionaries. Vol. 1 - 1780 pages., Vol. 2 - 1300 pages. + CD-ROM with entire dictionary

  • first ever bilingual dictionary of American English
  • contains over 140.000 entries, 400.000 meanings and 100.000 idioms and fixed phrases;
  • gives specific British as well as Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and South-African usage;
  • contains abundant technical and specialized vocabulary in such areas as law, economy, computers, the military, medicine, mass media, sports, botany and zoology;
  • provides literary and colloquial expressions, slang, archaic words, idioms and fixed phrases;
  • presents use of words in context illustrated by a large number of original sentences.

    The New Kosciuszko Foundation Dictionary on CD-ROM contains: - all the entries from both the volumes; - grammatical information; - phonetic transcription; lets the user: - select the language of messages; - make word searches; - copy entries straight into documents; - make extended full-text searches; - keep track of previuos searches; - access the dictionary from within other applications; - add new entries to the dictionary or delete the existing ones.

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