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Product Types > Dictionary > English-Czech-German-Slovak SDN450 SENCOR Talking Dictionary
English-Czech-German-Slovak SDN450 SENCOR Talking Dictionary

English-Czech-German-Slovak SDN450 SENCOR Talking Dictionary
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A true business-class talking dictionary, this powerful device features a multilingual interface and organizer and advanced speech synthesis. Sophistication and performance are the defining characteristics of this exceptional handheld. More than 650,000 words are able to be accessed through the built-in Czech, German, English and Slovak dictionaries. Search for the words you need when you need them or browse through more than 1000 useful phrases. With both English and German voice synthesis, comprehensive multidirectional dictionaries and business organizer functions; this fully functional and flexible language resource provides you with speed and ease of use in one affordable and stylish device. Effective learning curve This is an extremely sophisticated talking dictionary and represents the latest generation of state-of-the-art language solutions with speech synthesis currently available. * Multilingual interface * Medical, technical, legal, business terms, as well as slang, idioms, and general expressions * Advanced English and German speech synthesis * English and German idioms and colloquial expressions * Over 1,100 commonly used and emergency phrases grouped into 12 topics for easy navigation * Vector Ultima spell-checker allows you to enter words as you hear them and pick a spelling choice from the suggestion list. * New words recording function will allow you to customize your dictionary * Hangman word game for hours of fun and extra language practice * User dictionary for entering new words; links to the main dictionary automatically * Instant reverse translation for proof of correct understanding Added functionality * User Manual in three languages * English/German/Czech/Slovak personal organizer for scheduling and telephone numbers, equipped with search function comply with highest industry standards * MP3 Music player * Built-in metric and currency converters are indispensable tools for a business traveler * MMC (Multimedia Card) functionality (card included) * AC adapter, PC-link options available; purchased separately Category: Talking dictionary Languages: English, German, Czech, Slovak Vocabulary: 650,000 words Size: 4.6x3.5x0.6 in Weight: 4 oz Battery Type: 2 x AAA batteries, included PC connection Yes

Product ID: 108370
Category: Dictionary
Supporting languages: Czech, English, German, Slovak
Platforms/media types: Handheld