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Product Types > Dictionary > Hydrology and Water Quality Management > Elsevier Dictionary of Hydrology and Water Quality Management (Book)
Elsevier Dictionary of Hydrology and Water Quality Management (Book)

Elsevier Dictionary of Hydrology and Water Quality Management (Book)
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In English, French, Spanish, Dutch and German
By J.D. van der Tuin, Steenwijk, The Netherlands

The freshwater environment constitutes the main subject of this dictionary. In addition to the quantitative and physical aspects of hydrology and water management, due attention has been paid to chemical and biological properties and qualitative aspects of surface and subsurface waters. The scope is relatively wide, also including relevant terms from science and engineering. As far as the depth of the coverage goes, some limitations had to be set, for example, on terms related to sedimentology and oceanography. The scope does not extend beyond the tidal limit, i.e. terms on seawater, sea waves and tides are included only as far as they affect the quantities or qualities of inland waters.
The dictionary contains 5,928 numbered items consisting of basic terms and related terms in English and equivalents in French, Spanish, Dutch and German, totalling more than 37,000 terms. The terms have been derived from recent, relevant, authentic literature written by scientists in their native language. In contrast to most other technical dictionaries, not only nouns but also a fair number of verbs and adjectives have been included. This makes the dictionary a self-contained, practical companion, not only in the office but also when working abroad.

Physical Sciences & Mathematics / Earth & Planetary Sciences
... a worthwhile addition to any research or scientific library.


  • ISBN: 0-444-88672-9
  • 542 pages
  • 5,928 terms

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    Categories: Dictionary, Dictionary > Hydrology and Water Quality Management
    Supporting languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish
    Platforms/media types: Printed Matter
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